Couples Therapy in Milton Keynes

Relationships go through many cycles and stages and ups and downs. At times we can feel we are at an impasse with our partner and just not seeing eye to eye.

Through relationship therapy we can explore where things feel like they need improvement, on re-connecting as a couple and learning how to see each other’s perspective.   We can look at the difficulties you are experiencing and the impact that external stresses and pressures may be having on the relationship.

We can look at all things from minor disconnections to beginning to recover from the trauma of infidelity.

Through our sessions you will learn how to nurture your relationship to help it develop and grow in a more healthy direction. We will look at your hopes and dreams for the future and how to come back together to set them in motion.

The sessions will begin with an initial assessment exploring a history of the relationship and how you are currently interacting with each other.  We will then look at what your goals and objectives are from therapy before moving forward with strategies and learning new behaviours to enable your relationship the opportunity to heal.

The relationship therapy I offer is based on the Gottman method.