At times everyday life can seem overwhelming and we can feel stuck, low and anxious. You may be experiencing challenges in the present or ongoing issues from the past.

Reaching out for support at this time can feel like a big step but can be extremely beneficial for our health and well-being.

Our sessions may help you to cope with feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, over-thinking and intrusive thoughts. They can help you learn to prioritise yourself more highly and become more confident in your approach.

Through our sessions we can explore your difficult feelings, look at where they come from, and how they impact your everyday life. We can look at new ways to cope and move forward in a calmer, more positive way. 

The basis of my therapy is Person Centred, believing the client knows what is best for them and has it within them to grow and develop in a positive direction. I also integrate tools from the solution-focused approach to help implement new techniques and strategies to aid progress moving forward.

I offer a calm, quiet space where you can work through your feelings, explore and process your emotions, talk freely and feel heard without judgement.

Through our confidential therapy sessions we can explore the issues you are experiencing, helping you to reflect on them, make better sense of them and see things more clearly. This process can enable you to find solutions to your problems, helping you to move forward.

The aim is for you to feel confident in sharing and exploring your feelings without fear of judgement at a pace that feels comfortable for you.

Our sessions will be a positive and therapeutic step forward, where you will feel accepted, heard and can begin to heal.

If you would like my support, I would be very glad to help.

Please note: the sessions I offer are via Whatsapp Video, Whereby, Zoom or telephone

Sometimes it really does help to talk.